My main contributions are:

  • 1. The development of new approaches for detecting vascular intersection in retinal fundus image. The developed approaches have been applied to monitoring and grading of severity of diabetes in man.
  • 2. The development of new approaches of estimating autoregressive and autoregressive moving average model parameters using artificial intelligence techniques. The developed approaches have been used to estimate model parameters from real-valued data or complex-value data.
  • 3. I have proposed new data classification procedures based on artificial intelligence techniques applicable to different types of signals and images.
  • 4. Also, a new hybrid optimization approach that involve the use of Genetic Algorithm and K-Means clustering have also been developed, implemented and tested over time.
  • 5. Development of Cognitive phone and intelligent handover technique for Multiple Operators Enabled SIM card.
  • 6. Embedded system development, repair and maintenance for public and specialized usage.
  • 7. Teaching, Supervision, Mentoring and providing leadership to colleagues and students at large.

My research contributions have been applied in solving various problems in the following areas: Diabetes modeling, detection and prediction; Fruit identification and grading; Handover decision in Mobile communication; Colpitts Oscillator Design; Spectrum sensing in cognitive radio; Earthquake prediction; Gold and Silver Price prediction; Route Optimization; Biometric System; Scorpion vibration detection; etc. Furthermore, some of my research discoveries are being scaled up to commercial venture with lots of patent filling applications. I have also enjoyed coverage from print and online news media based on my little contributions. Some of my research findings and contribution(s) have been exhibited at various events, won several awards and published in high impact journal(s) and in proceedings of various international conferences.